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We review bicycle gear so you know what the best products are. We emphasize value and performance over name brand products and the last 2%. Are those $3,000 wheels really worth the extra money to save 50 grams? Probably not. Remember, its the rider, not the ride that powers the bike!



This is the best light and package available. I've compared these to Night Rider which are very popular, and I think this Serfas light works better. First off, the mount is very quick to put on the bike and is very secure.

The light is very bright and I like the adjustable outputs. I usually put it on medium and it lasts long enough for my early morning rides.

The USB charging is becoming industry standard, but very convenient for charging whether you charge off a computer or the included wall adapter. You can also use a iPhone/Android wall duck to charge.

Overall the value is unbeatable. You can't get a better light for less. Something comparable is actually going to cost twice as much. Pick one up today and see the road!

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SEAT STAY TAILLIGHT This a great light to easily put on when its getting dark or you just want a lightweight light for safety. It works great on bikes with integrated seatposts that are ovalized and standard round clamps aren't big enough to fit. Just be sure to keep an eye on the batteries as they will die out after a few weeks if you use it a lot during the winter.

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