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Demello Off-Road Slider Install

I just purchased Demello sliders this month and while going to install I didn't find any guides to install these. The manufacturer instructions are vague, coupled with the KDSS feature made this nearly impossible. My vehicle is a 2016 Toyota 4 Runner Trail Premium with KDSS. The KDSS chamber on the left (driver side) frame gets in the way of the slider plate and must be removed in order for it to fit. Every other slider manufacturer cuts their plates around the KDSS chamber making the install easier, and leaves me slightly baffled as to why Demello this, however I think it makes the rail stronger as has more contact and bolts into the frame. Here it is step by step.

Recommended tools:

Impact drill

Socket extensions

12 & 13mm sockets

Ratcheting 12mm wrench

Anti sieze grease


paper towels

Paint stir sticks or similar size for spacers

Car jacks

Moving blanket

I did the entire left slider on my own. Its preferable to have help, however it can be done with a moving blanket to protect the metal and car jacks. I set the sliders on the jack and moved it underneath the frame. I then slowly moved each side up and into place a few inches at a time, upping the jack with each move. These sliders weigh about 45 pounds each, so its not impossible to manipulate yourself. You have to take off the skid plates covering the KDSS hose and Chamber. In the center of these two chambers is a square aluminum box. Take out the top right bolt which is a 12mm bolt. It is extremely helpful to have a ratcheting wrench for this as a socket with wrench will get stuck and you wont be able to take the wrench off. You also wont be able to pull the KDSS assembly back far enough to slide the slider plate against the frame. Once this is loose you can pull it back all the way but leave it in the slot. Make sure the appropriate hose mounts are unscrewed. Line up the slider to the frame. I started with one bolt on each and worked my way to the center. You can use the supplied bolts to reattach the hose mounts to the frame as you bolt up. I will be buying a few more of the included bolts to secure some hoses which don't fit the factory bolts anymore. 


Remove 12mm bolt on upper right corner of KDSS Chamber

Demello Sliders installed! 

Closeup of passenger (Non-KDSS side) Left side is rear. The kick out is in the back. 

I've added additional pictures for reference just incase they help someone out.