Bicycle Rules and Safety

The most important thing about cycling is rider safety. The most dangerous place for a cyclist is on any public road with vehicular traffic. Using these tips will help reduce risks while riding.

    • Wear bright colored, high visibility clothing.
    • Ride as far to the right side of the road as is safe. Don't ride in the gutter, watch for grates and drains.
    • Avoid extremely busy roads. Its your right to ride on almost any road, but if there is no bicycle lane and there is heavy traffic it would be wise to avoid that road. There is usually a safer alternative road.
    • When possible, ride in groups of two or more. Its always good to have a buddy, and you will be more visible to traffic.
    • Don't make sudden moves. Both cars and following riders expect you to keep your line or move gradually if you must. If a dangerous object appears suddenly use your judgement to decide what the safest move is. I.e., if I crash into this am I going to cause everyone behind me to crash into me, or is it safer to move suddenly to avoid a crash.
    • Obey the law. It will keep you safe. Read more at the link below:

California Bicycle Laws