Biking in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda is a great place to ride your bike, whether you want to ride recreationally or do race training! Options range from the 3.5 mile bike path, to rolling hills, and even many long, steep hills. There are many low traffic roads with few traffic lights that are great for uninterrupted training.

Yorba Linda Hills Route

This route makes for the toughest ride in Yorba Linda with all of it's major hills. It also follows the least busy, and safest roads. Hidden Hills Road and Camino de Bryant are long, steep climbs. A 28 tooth cassette is recommended, even for strong riders.

Hidden Hills Road Climb

The toughest climb in Yorba Linda, long and steep, this will work you and make you stronger!

Camino de Bryant Climb

Slightly shorter than Hidden Hills, but some sections feel quite a bit steeper. Its fun to sprint some of these sections if you have the energy.

Yorba Linda multi-use Bicycle Trail

Great place to take the family and get off the roads. Runs for 3.5 miles and crosses several roads.